Top 5 Gold Storage Companies for your Precious Metals (2023)

Gold was used as a currency for a long period until copper and paper money replaced it. It’s a ubiquitous and versatile metal, today, Gold is used in several industries, from fashion to technology.

Gold is also popular as an investment; people buy gold and store it in Gold Storage Companies. There are many reasons why buying and storing Gold is a wise decision. One of the biggest reasons is that Gold is a safe-haven asset and holds its value during market volatility.

In this article, you will learn about the Top 5 Gold Storage Companies that can secure your investments and give you the best returns. This list was curated after thorough research and analyzing security, facilities, and other important factors.

1. Bullion Vault

Rating: 5/5

Vault Locations: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore.

BullionVault is an online platform that allows individuals to buy, sell, and store physical gold, silver, and platinum. The platform was founded in 2005 by Paul Tustain and is headquartered in London, England.

With a 4.5/5 Trustpilot score, BullionVault offers full insurance coverage, with storage costs as low as 0.12%. There are no late penalty fees, and you can opt for physical withdrawal at their storage locations at attractive withdrawal rates.

Your assets are secured in high-security vaults, protected with the latest security tech. You can opt for next-day withdrawals and deal 24/7. Their transparency framework is top-notch, and they lead the industry by publishing daily audits!


  • Deal Gold in any size.
  • Deal directly with other users and set your price.
  • Euros, Pounds, or Dollars, you can deal in your currency!
  • Cons:
    No 2-factor authentication
  • No pictures of your Gold
  • Don’t provide third-party audits

2. Sprott Money

Rating: 4.5/5

Vault Locations: United States, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore

Toronto-based Sprott Money deals in precious metals. Eric Sprott founded the company in 2003, specializing in selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to investors. Sprott Money offers secure storage solutions for clients to store their precious metals in a professional, insured facility in addition to selling precious metals.

Sprott Money is an industry leader with an A+ accreditation from BBB Accredited Business and has partnered with the Royal Canadian Mint. They secure your Gold deposits in haven locations with a history of trust and credibility with little to no foreign government interference.

Sprott Money provides global storage and free shipping in North America at low storage costs. They offer self-directed investments such as RRSPs, RESPs, LIRAs, RIFs, LIFs, and TFSAs. You can make your own investment decisions and still keep the tax benefits!


  • For transactions above $2000, you won’t have to pay commission fees
  • There is no minimum purchase value.
  • Research services are available that help in making wise investment decisions


  • The coin selection is limited with not many options.

3. Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Company

Rating: 4.5/5

Vault Locations: Auckland, Christchurch

  • Located in a secure, state-of-the-art facility, the Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Company offers a range of sizes and types of safe deposit boxes to suit the needs of its customers.

In addition to safe deposit boxes, the company provides secure storage for valuable items such as jewellery, documents, and collectables. The company’s staff is trained to handle all valuable items with care and discretion.

They provide investors with private viewing rooms, financial privacy, 24×7 emergency access, subpoena and court order protection, and much more. This makes Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Company a top-rated Gold Storage Company!


  • Provide complete insurance protection on your storage deposits.
  • Sell bullion from Perth Mint, Paris Mint, PAMP, Royal Canadian Mint, The Royal Mint, and United States Mint


  • Governmental interference appears to be rising in this company.
  • Do not provide concierge services.

4. BullionStar

Rating: 4/5

Vault Locations: Singapore, New Zealand, United States

Bullion Star is a Singapore-based precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products for investment and collection. The company has a physical store located in Singapore, as well as an online platform.

Bullion Star’s product range includes coins, bars, and rounds from various mints and producers, as well as limited edition and collectable items.

Their vaults are made with state-of-art security technology with high-level surveillance.

They provide 5 different audit mechanisms in addition to full insurance coverage, anytime withdrawals, vault certificates, online management, etc.

This makes them a full-host vault service provider on which you can rely.


  • Their customer service is great and has positive reviews
  • They provide a special Bullions Savings Program for cost-efficient investment


  • They don’t have their own IRA services.
  • The company does not have many accreditations to its name yet.

5. Brinks Gold Storage

Rating: 4/5

Vault Locations: New York, London, South Africa, Dubai, Hong Kong, India and Switzerland.

Brink’s Gold Storage is a well-known provider of secure storage solutions for valuable assets, including gold and other precious metals. The company has a long history dating back to 1859 when it was founded as a transportation and logistics company in Chicago.

Brink’s provides its customers with a dedicated team that manages the Gold portfolios and keeps them up-to-date with events that might concern them. You don’t need to concern yourself with risk management; Brink will manage it for you!

As a Gold Storage Company, Brink’s provides worldwide shipping by multiple routes. This includes inventory management, customs clearance and delivery. Brink’s unique financial position allows it to take full responsibility for your Gold.


  • One of the few companies to take full responsibility for your assets.
  • Many vault locations are available, so you can pick and choose the ones that suit you the best.


  • They do not provide you with a dedicated shipping calculator
  • Segregated storage facilities are comparatively expensive.

Top Locations for Gold Storage

It is as important to know which country you are storing your Gold in as it is to know which company you use for Gold Storage. The place of storage plays a critical role in determining the safety and security of your investments.

You should look for locations with high-level facilities, minimal governmental interference, financial privacy/anonymity, etc. Based on these factors and more, here’s a list of certain locations you should consider.


Singapore is fast overtaking Switzerland and other traditional countries famed for safe investment havens. This country has low corruption and crime levels, making it a modern, efficient, and affordable place for investment.

Singapore is also a leading hub of innovation in Asia. They provide you with amazing facilities such as direct company-to-card services through which you can sell your Gold deposits and transfer the money to your debit card.

New Zealand

New Zealand has remained neutral in the global political climate, which makes them less susceptible to foreign government interference. The bank professionals in this country know how to deal with Gold transactions and provide optimal customer satisfaction.

Due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand is free from external threats and extreme weather. This increases the security and safety of your precious Gold deposits.


Switzerland has garnered an international reputation as a haven. The country has strived to maintain financial privacy, and the banks have gained the credibility and trust of many high-net-worth individuals.

Switzerland doesn’t have currency restrictions, which adds to its highlight features as a country for offshore Gold storage.


Israel is an up-and-coming country in the list of safe havens for Gold storage. The country has several precious metal storage companies headquartered in Tel Aviv. Its political neutrality makes it an attractive offshore gold storage location.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer a secure and private location for storing gold due to their well-established financial and legal infrastructure. Their reputation for financial security and privacy makes them an ideal place to keep your gold safe from external scrutiny and government intervention.

The country’s stable political framework also adds an extra layer of security against potential international conflicts or financial crises. Moreover, gold stored in the Cayman Islands is not subject to taxes, allowing you to retain the full value of your gold.