Best Credit Cards For Disabled Veterans

Best Credit Cards For Disabled Veterans

A credit card is a type of loan made by a bank or other financial institution to you for the purpose of buying goods or services. It is a tool to help you get by in life, and it is also a source of income for many people. A credit card also has a reputation … Read more

Can You Leave The Military Early?

The military offers many benefits and opportunities to those who serve. But, it also has its downsides — including the fact that not every service member can stand being in the armed forces for their entire career. In some cases, it might be beneficial to leave before you’re promoted to the rank of general or … Read more

What Is The Age Limit For Armed Forces

Today, the United States Armed Forces is comprised of four branches, each with its own age limits. While some of the requirements are more lax than others, every branch has different age limits for joining. The Army’s age limit is 17 years old to join as a recruit or 35 years old to join in … Read more

The Most Prestigious American Military Awards

The U.S. military has many impressive awards available to service members and leaders. These medals, ribbons, stripes, and badges are worn on uniforms or are displayed in office spaces as a means of recognizing specific achievements or milestones reached by individuals or units within the armed forces. These awards have different levels of recognition and … Read more

Can You Have Another Job While In The Military?

When you enter the military, you may have to give up some of your other interests and responsibilities. That being said, it’s entirely possible to keep a job or another part-time activity while in the military. If you can handle it and your job isn’t directly related to your military duties, there are several ways … Read more