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American Women Veterans Foundation has been featured in and consulted with many prestigious newspapers, magazines, websites, and television shows, including The Stars & Stripes, The Army Times, Military Times, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping,  In Their Boots; Outside the Wire, The Santita Jackson Show, The Takeaway, ABC News, Yahoo! News, CNN, PBS and The Oprah Show.

In addition to these, Founder and Executive Director Genevieve Chase has been featured in several media segments to include, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, LIFE, Bill Moyers Journal, CNN’s The Situation Room, NBC’s Nightly news with Brian Williams, and ABC’s Nightline.

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Media Requests & Resources

To contact American Women Veterans for media requests, please send an email to media@americanwomenveterans.org or call (202) 436-0678.

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Recent Headlines & Press Releases

Women, Combat and PTSD, The Best Defense, Foreign Policy
-January 27, 2011

Warner Release VA Report on Female Veterans
-January 11, 2011

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Should Women Fight in Combat?, The Alyona Show
-January 20, 2011

NY PIX, Morning News
-November 11, 2010

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Photo and video disclaimer:
Please understand that by submitting your photograph or video, you release publishing rights of the image to American Women Veterans. By doing so, American Women Veterans has all rights to the usage of your photograph on printed and digital material. (ie. brochures, website, etc.)

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Some photos used require special crediting:
From the Lee Wilson Papers (WV0449) at the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project at the Univeristy of North Carolina at Greensboro.