Wednesday, January 19, 2022



American Women Veterans Foundation believes that women have always been the catalyst for change within our homes, our communities and the world.  We envision a society in which the legacy of America’s servicewomen, veterans, and their families is celebrated and carried on to future generations of powerful and inspiring women.  We strive to empower women from all branches of service with a continued sense of pride and service which enables them to reach their full potential and to contribute as they always have, in making America stronger.


Serve. Honor. Empower.

American Women Veterans is the nation’s preeminent, non-partisan, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving, honoring, and empowering military women, veterans, and their families.  AWV welcomes veterans and supporters from all eras and branches of service.

~ Engaging and advocating for new or improved policies that improve the lives of women veterans and our families

~ Sponsoring retreats, conferences and symposiums focused on empowering our members and our communities

~ Conducting outreach campaigns to raise awareness among military women and veterans of our benefits, entitlements and services

~ Promoting positive images and public awareness of women’s contributions from all branches and eras of service

~ Embracing continued service to our communities and our nation through philanthropic projects

~ Cultivating leadership and professionalism within the military ranks and our communities


American Women Veterans Foundation is always expanding its work within our focus areas. We are currently working to take AWV from a part-time endeavor, staffed with volunteers, to a full-time, fully-operational Veterans Service Organization with chapters across the United States and abroad. We are also continuously researching the needs of servicewomen, veterans and their families with the goal to register and launch programs directly assisting and benefitting our members. Beyond this, we will continue to share and celebrate the legacy of women in service and update/add programs as necessary. We will keep our members, supporters, and donors informed of expansion plans through our website, as appropriate.