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Women of the Civil War Recognized at Arlington Ceremony

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14408129_1114277435316136_1490007794_oWomen who fought in the Civil War as combat soldiers were officially recognized in a ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery on September 18, 2016. On hand, to help honor the service of the brave women, was our very own American Women Veterans executive director and founder Genevieve Chase.

“A patriot’s heart knows no gender,” Chase said before names of 20 of the women were read out loud at the ceremony and wreaths were laid in their honor at the Civil War Unknowns monument. In addition to the women that served as nurses and spies, it is estimated more than 400 hundred women disguised themselves as men to fight on the front lines of the Civil War. The service of these female combat Soldiers has rarely been recognized and these heroes have been largely forgotten by history.

About five years ago Constance Boudreau, an Army Gulf War veteran, set out to change that; planning a ceremony to honor, by name, some of the Civil War’s female combat Soldiers. “This is an American story of patriotism fulfilled against all odds,” Boudreau said during the ceremony.

“Their stories need to be told, need to be remembered, and their service needs to be honored,” the organizers wrote on their website. During the ceremony, the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War Unknowns monument dedication at Arlington was also commemorated.

To learn more about the First Commemorative Military Honors Ceremony for Civil War female combat soldiers, and help the organizers raise funds to build a Memorial Gateway to the Civil War Unknowns Tomb honoring the women, as well as support future ceremonies memorializing additional female soldiers by name, visit here.
To read more about women who fought in the Civil War check out the book “They Fought Like Demons.”
To learn more about the Civil War Unknowns Monument visit here.

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