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American Women Veterans Honors Ms. Lucy Coffey, WWII Veteran

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It is with great sadness and profound respect that we learn of the passing of Ms Lucy Coffey, a 108-year old World War II veteran of the
Army Women’s Auxiliary Corps. In a time when most thought women didn’t have a place in the military, Ms Coffey had the courage and commitment to enlist and serve this great country in our greatest time of need.

Although much has changed since Ms Coffey joined the Army in 1943, it’s women like her who blazed the trails we walk today. Our numbers have grown exponentially, from one small unit then, to over 2 million American women veterans and approximately 15% of today’s service members spanning all ranks and branches of service.

Despite our commitment, and over 70 years of service, women in the military still face challenges on a daily basis and must continue to work with our brothers in service to overcome persisting and new hurdles such as, gender integration into combat arms units, zero tolerance of sexual assaults, as well as numerous challenges within the VA healthcare system post service.

We owe everything we have achieved and all of our current opportunities to brave women like Ms Coffey and all those who answered the call to serve our nation during the earliest days of official military service for women. May we honor them and their legacies with our continued and dedicated service.


One Response to “American Women Veterans Honors Ms. Lucy Coffey, WWII Veteran”
  1. Kara Donohoe says:

    My Mom, Mary Donohoe is 93 years old and was in ww2 as a naval nurse. When she was in the war she met someone and was married, because she got married during the war she received a satisfactory discharge. I’m sure she is not alone. So strange that so many women took part in ww2 and because they married received a satisfactory discharge?
    How can I fix this ….
    Kara Donohoe

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