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National Guard, Reserves first up in expansion of VA sex assault treatment

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“The VA on Monday extended sexual assault counseling and treatment programs to some National Guard and Reserve veterans for the first time.

Now, those who suffered sexual trauma during weekend non-active-duty training can seek the same psychological help promised to active-duty vets, the Department of Veterans Affairs said.

It is the first in a series of reforms recently passed by Congress as part of a massive VA overhaul bill aimed in part at increasing access to care in the midst of a stubborn epidemic of sexual violence in the military. Over the next two years, the changes will also remove paperwork barriers to treatment for current active-duty troops and require new Capitol Hill oversight of VA efforts.

By next summer, the law requires the VA and the Defense Department to tear down requirements that servicemembers show some proof of assault or harassment before getting treatment. Advocates compare the changes to earlier – and now abandoned — requirements that victims of post-traumatic stress disorder provide some paperwork to prove their injuries.

Troops will be able to get VA treatment for sex assault without substantiating documents or a referral from military authorities or doctors, according to the new law.”

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2 Responses to “National Guard, Reserves first up in expansion of VA sex assault treatment”
  1. Ssgt L Snyder, USAF Vet says:

    i am a 12 yr vet and single mother of 3. i live 75 miles or so from the VA and dont have accepted health insurance for medical assisntance. how do i get help? i have PTSD, MST, panic/anxiety attacks, sever depression. i get worse every year. if i didnt have my kids i would either commit suicide or be a shut in. they keep me breathing, they keep me moving. as it is its harder and harder to leave the house. i dread going to the store, doctors offices, ect, i cant go to the va or va clinic for treatment, for disability determination, because of the insurance, i cant work either, … how do i get the help i see others get? east texas is still struggling to acknowledge and serve veterans let alone women veterans… recognition is scant

  2. Just plain Jude says:

    I am a veteran I served and was sexually assaulted twice while on active duty. While the men who sexually assaulted me received honorable discharges and were transferred just to assault other females. I was told by my chain of command to keep my mouth shut. I went against order and got help through the hospital. I received care, now as a veteran I am not allowed to get services through the VA. I was told to take the P3I test in which determines my mental health, and because I have not scored with borderline personality disorder. I do not qualitfy to receive help. I have been to PTSD groups at the Va where I was the only female in a large group of men 35(+) with sexual comments being exploded that is my care that is my therapy. I have been told by a therapist at the VA that I cannot speak about my PTSD because she is not qualified to help me.
    In April it was sexual assault month at our local VA, since 2009 I was trying to bring take back the night, or the clothes line project. This year I walked through the hallways of the VA to see t-shirt hanging in the hallway, well here’s the catch: there were only 22 t-shirts our hospital serves 300k veterans there were only 22 t-shirts. All shirts done by females, attacking males. 22 females were able to participate in this project, I was not told about this project, I was not invited, there was no advertisement, no discussions of this project there fore only 22 female veterans were allowed to participate out 300k only 22. I went out and bout my own t-shirts I invited my veteran friends who wanted to participate and at Starbucks and created our own t-shirts I took the shirts in and the VA refused to hang them in the hospital because they were not done with group..that is where the VA realistically.

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