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Report Confirms Services for Female Veterans Fall Short

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“The DAV report closely tracks an Associated Press review in June that found serious shortcomings in how the VA cares for female veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of them of child-bearing age.

The AP review found that nearly one in four VA hospitals does not have a full-time gynecologist on staff, and that 140 of the 920 community-based clinics serving veterans in rural areas do not have a designated women’s health provider, despite a goal that all clinics have one.

Female veterans of child-bearing age were far more likely to be given medications that can cause birth defects than were women being treated through a private doctor, the AP found.

The VA cared for about 390,000 female veterans last year at its hospitals and clinics — far fewer than the 5.3 million male veterans who used the VA system in fiscal year 2013. But the number of women receiving care at VA has more than doubled since 2000. The tens of thousands of predominantly young female veterans returning home have dramatically changed the VA’s patient load, and the system has yet to fully catch up.

While the number of male veterans is expected to decline by 2020, the number of female veterans is expected to grow dramatically, to 11 percent of the veteran population, the report said.

Dr. Carolyn Clancy, the VA’s acting undersecretary for health, said the VA will consider all of the report’s 27 recommendations on topics including health care, education, job training and sexual assault.

The report will serve “as our road map for improvements,” Clancy told a gathering of female veterans and their supporters at the Capitol on Wednesday. The VA is working to ensure that all clinics and hospitals have a women’s health provider onsite, she said, adding the agency makes referrals to private providers in cases where none is available at the VA.”

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2 Responses to “Report Confirms Services for Female Veterans Fall Short”
  1. Robin Wilson-Sauls says:

    Every Female is a true Volunteer; and need to have that remembered when considering her attributes!
    Women are also a Commerce voice-and should remember as we communicate with our purchasing powers. Female Veteran should be a strong component in this USA power paradigm-CEO’s of Companies that are owned and operated by Female Veterans-instead of stopping help after PTSD; and Female Health!
    I am one of those who want to be a contender for that “American Dream!”

  2. While in alcohol recovery, there was nothing avilable from the VA for a treatment program and just as important, support/on-going support from the VA. I thank GOD that I have a health insurance program that helped me with a treatment program but my counselor, a Phd and a super smart guy, didn’t know a thing about military life let alone female warriors and our unique issues, problems, challenges. I want to be a part of the solution, not just complain! I’m in Southern California and have made a zillion phone calls to resources that agree with my concerns, but haven’t found any female/wowman warrior groups here — guess that means I’ll have to start one! Anyone want to join me? xx Thank you for all you do, Kelly Robertson

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