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“My Women in the Military Oral History Project”

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In 1977 I was a JAG Officer stationed in Stuttgart, West Germany at VII Corps Headquarters, Kelley Barracks. The commander was Lt. Gen. Julius Becton. I was invited to a meeting one day and it was about the General’s plan to find out what the issues were for women in communities under his command. I became the military co-chair of the VII Corps Women’s Symposium held in Aug. 1979 in Munich. The symposium gathered together all types of women and asked them to formulate their issues. We had a military enlisted group, military officers group, civilian employees of the Army, family members then known as dependents, female sole parents group, etc. It was a huge undertaking. At the end we had identified over 200 issues and Lt. Gen. Becton had his staff resolve as many issues as they could at the community and corps levels. The report went to USAREUR and then to the Pentagon.

Because of this experience, I became interested in saving the stories of the women who served in any service during this critical period, 1976-1983, when many more jobs were opened to women and the service academies accepted their first female cadets. These women endured and paved the way for modern service members.

My Women in the Military Oral History Project will be housed at Harvard and I am still looking for women to interview who served any or all of the years 1976-1983. If you are interested in talking with me please contact me at or go to my website These are telephone interviews so it is very convenient.

Thanks. -Janice A. Farringer


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  1. Emeraldine Gordon says:

    I served from May 24, 1978 through Feb 28, 1999

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