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West Virginia resident is first to enlist for combat-arms support jobs newly opened to women

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“One 21-year-old recruit is about to crack the glass engine block.

The Army has announced Cicely Verstein, of West Virginia,  is the first woman to enlist into one of the six Army combat-arms support jobs opened to women in May.

She starts basic training in November to become a 91M, Bradley Fighting Vehicle System Maintainer.

Local newspaper, the Tribune-Review, reports Verstein raced go-karts as a teenager, and the Army job looked like fun.

Verstein, originally from Pennsylvania, first thought about joining five years ago, before the troop drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan. Her family, at least initially, was not convinced.

“They’re a lot more behind me now than they were then,” she said in an Army news release. “They realize I have a better view of what I want to do with my life and what will make me happy.”

On May 14, the Army opened six combat arms support Military Occupational Specialties to women following the Women in Services Review, requested by Congress and directed by the Secretary of Defense in 2011.”

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7 Responses to “West Virginia resident is first to enlist for combat-arms support jobs newly opened to women”
  1. Tom Forrest says:

    Wait a minute…we are celebrating the military career of someone who hasn’t even been through Basic Training? Give me a break.

  2. Chrissy says:

    First comment is an attack-I knew I could rely on one of her future battle buddies to tear her down.
    She is making history, man! How about we start supporting her?

  3. Jaime says:

    She is goin to have to go through a lot of that. But hopefully she is strong enough to deal with it. I’m still waiting on sf to open to women!

  4. Soldier says:

    Wow Tom, no one “celebrated her” merely more of a “congratulations and good luck” type deal. Of course with the d*** measuring contest. Get it girl.

  5. Nicole Janis says:

    Yeah first guy lol hey at least she picked a good one we don’t use tracks in afgan so she will get a lot o work in the mp for now prob cross train u know how the army works!

  6. Kateri says:

    And it even says, combart arms support. So shes in the ranks of all other females, support, not a combart arms soldier.

  7. Bush says:

    She already went thru basic and she is now in ait training with me and my other battle buddies to be 91Mikes! Hooah got your back superstar hahha

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