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Women in Combat: Army to open 14K jobs, 6 MOSs

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“The Army will start placing women in as many as 14,000 combat-related jobs by opening up six military occupational specialties and placing women in 37 battalions across nine brigade combat teams.

On May 14, the Army will begin implementing the new Defense Department policy.

The new DoD policy opens up an additional 3 percent of Army jobs to women.

About 30 percent of Army jobs will remain restricted to men.

“The last 11 years of warfare have really revealed to us there are no front lines,” Brig. Gen. Barrye Price, director of human resources policy at the Army G-1 (personnel) told Army Times. “There are no rear echelons. Everybody was vulnerable to the influence of the enemy.”

(Read the article in its entirety at Marine Corps Times)

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