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AWV, DKNY, HSN and Fatigues to Fabulous for Women Veterans

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More than 1.8 million veterans are women – the highest number ever in American history. Fatigues to Fabulous™ (F2F) is a national campaign established to honor and support women veterans dealing with the unique physical, emotional and psychological challenges faced by women transitioning home from war.

HSN Cares is proud to partner with DKNYC and the Society for Women’s Health Research to bring you this exclusive watch to honor and support female veterans, raise awareness of the challenges they face, and harness resources to support them.

· For each watch sold, a $10 donation will be made to the Society for Women’s Health Research to benefit F2F. The watch is available only at HSN and

Fatigues to FabulousTM (F2F) is a national campaign designed to support those women serving in our nation’s military, and the unique issues faced by women veterans. The campaign is working with the fashion industry to help women make the transition to a civilian wardrobe, raise awareness of the challenges they face upon return, and harness resources to support them. The needs of the veteran women span five key areas: education, jobs, healthcare, family support and finance.

For decades, transitioning back into civilian life has meant a confusing array of services, forms, and offices. The challenges women face upon returning can range from medical, to housing, to employment and often build upon each other. While other campaigns have focused on military families, F2F aims specifically to raise public consciousness about those mothers, wives, sisters, aunts and nieces who have proudly served in the U.S. and abroad.

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One Response to “AWV, DKNY, HSN and Fatigues to Fabulous for Women Veterans”
  1. DC Matthews says:

    Is there any program to specifically help homeless single (often disabled) women veterans who have the least options and supports?

    Looking less “homeless” can even change access to care and housing and other hand up options.

    Typically single disabled adults have the least options and help and fall the farthest and single disabled veterans are adding to the numbers.

    Most transitional programs are for families or substance abuse rehab. Many are not safe or accessible for those with mh or physical disability and special needs.

    I know this to be true from years of experience in that hell.

    Please get involved.
    Thank you.

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