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We Can Stand Side by Side as Equals

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I am assigned the 4BCT 101 Airborne Division. We are currently deployed in Eastern Afghanistan. An additional duty, aside from my main mission as an Intelligence Analyst, is as a member of a Female Engagement Team. Our unit’s FET is a little different from the average FET, we actually go out on missions and search and tactically question the females and children on the objectives. In my opinion we are a huge asset to these infantry platoons. There are 6 females total on the team, and all of us keep up with the guys 100% without complaint. From air assaulting in to walking miles in the mud, snow, and dark.

However, as one might imagine there are a few infantry males that have very shallow opinions of females in combat situations. This criticism is something we all endure and then use for motivation to continue our mission with even more strength and ability. We prepare ourselves by not only being physically fit and trained in all aspects on our mission, including weapons and first aid, but we also bring with us a strong mindset. Our focus enables us to not let criticism and the realities of this country affect our main overall goal. Its a joy to be a part of something like this and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Women in the military, whether you admit it or not, will always have something to prove to the males. Its not that we are seeking assurance from them, it’s the fact that we have to prove that we can stand side by side as equals. The 4BCT 101 Division Female Engagement Team was recently recognized by ISAF Command Sergeant Major Hill. He was eager to meet us at our FOB and presented each of us with a coin for our effectiveness as members of the FET attached to the infantry platoon.


One Response to “We Can Stand Side by Side as Equals”
  1. shel says:

    Outstanding job FET! AIRBORNE!
    I’m glad to hear that you represent. I’ve done a couple miles back in the day and know how much fun it is. I do not believe that women will always have to prove ourselves to men, it’ll take awhile before we all just prove ourselves to the standard. Like sit ups and the 2 mile run, standards got tougher and we took them on. Later in your career, don’t let them (and us) forget that you did it. Women were in the infantry in the Civil War… they forgot that and a few other wars too.
    Watch out for the civilians too. They’re worse.

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