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Transition to Civilian Life Challenging for Homeless Female Vets

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Concern is growing as more veterans return from Afghanistan and Iraq to a bad economy on the home front.

The number of women who become homeless after leaving the military had doubled in the last decade to about 6,500 nationwide by the fall of 2010, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“A lot of homeless shelters for veterans do not accept women, much less women with children,” said Genevieve Chase, founder and executive director of American Women Veterans, a nonprofit advocacy group in Washington, D.C. “They’ve just been falling through the cracks.”

The fastest growing segment of the homeless veteran population is women with children, Chase said.

Chase, an Afghan war veteran, believes more resources for female veterans are needed.

“I’m extremely worried that what we’re doing isn’t going to happen fast enough to help the women who need it,” Chase said.

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8 Responses to “Transition to Civilian Life Challenging for Homeless Female Vets”
  1. TM3 Harris says:

    I support the homeless veterans, because the faces of homeless veteran looks like me; New Faces of Homeless Veterans in Santa Cruz, CA ~ Say reach out and vets help vets.

  2. I am trying to start a non-profit org to help homeless and unemployed women vets through the arts. Please contact me if you can help get this going.

  3. Hi Tama here,

    I have been doing alot of research and realise that creating this non-profit will take involvement from many people, including vets and active duty women. I ask that anyone who has ideas and can offer advice to please contact me.

    thank you

  4. Donna says:

    I am a homeless veteran, living in metro Detroit and am in search of resources in my area to help me eliminate my situation.

    I do not have children, drug / alcohol dependencies, war-time injuries or PTSD.

    All leads / information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  5. Linsey says:

    Volunteers of America assists homeless women veterans in Detroit. Call 877-509-VETS and they can connect you to some resources and programs that could help you.

  6. Shunyan says:

    I am trying to start a transitional home in georgia for homeless women veterans and their children. If you could assist me, it would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Marlene Peoples says:

    What can we do?

  8. Gilda says:

    I’m a Support Services for Veteran Families case manager at the Salvation Army in Jacksonville, FL. I provide the following services:
    • Clothing
    • Food
    • Utility Assistance including deposits or late fees
    • Rental Assistance including deposits or late fees
    • Assistance in finding and obtaining housing locations

    We help all military veterans single and families. I also provide case management to help with education, employment, and health resources.

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