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Senator Murray vows to be ‘top advocate’ for veterans

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“Sen. Patty Murray has always drawn a distinction between war and the men and women who fight it.

When the Washington state Democrat was one of just 23 senators to vote against launching the Iraq war in 2002, she said she’d support U.S. troops “whenever their commander in chief sends them … not only during the conflict but afterward.”

And as a 22-year-old intern in the summer of 1972, Murray spent her days doing physical rehabilitation on just-returned Vietnam veterans in the psychiatric ward of the Seattle veterans’ hospital.

“Then I’d go out in the streets at night and hear the protests,” said Murray, the daughter of a disabled World War II veteran who earned a Purple Heart. “I knew what they were protesting, but the imbalance of it all just really struck me.”

As the new chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Murray is making it clear that she’s on the side of those who fight the wars.

“No matter what war or what conflict, when they come home,” veterans will “have me to be their top advocate in the United States of America,” said Murray, the first woman to head the committee.

Murray said she wanted to speed up claims processing and shorten the lines at VA centers. She wants to end homelessness among veterans and help them find jobs. She said she’ll be calling on businesses to hire more veterans. And she wants to make sure that the federal government doesn’t overlook female veterans, a growing population.

Sullivan said that even though Murray wasn’t a veteran herself, she had “two very special connections” with veterans: her father and her work experience in Seattle. He said she’d been a leader on many issues: female veterans, returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, and psychological trauma and suicide among veterans.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” Sullivan said. “She has a personal connection – that’s important – and she has subject matter expertise – that’s very important, so there won’t be a learning curve.”

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  1. Gary Zaetz says:

    It is indeed tragic that so many years after the end of World War II the 21 American women in uniform who were reported missing in action during that war are still unrecovered. This tragedy is easily explainable – our Government has never given finding the remains of these women, and of their male compatriots, the priority it deserves in terms of funding. For more information on these women, and what can be done to make sure their remains are returned to their families, see the following link:…d-war-ii-.html

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