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The President Signs DADT Repeal

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“President Obama signed the landmark repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy Wednesday morning, handing a major victory to advocates of gay rights and fulfilling a campaign promise to do away with a practice that he has called discriminatory.

Casting the repeal in terms of past civil rights struggles, Obama said he was proud to sign a law that “will strengthen our national security and uphold the ideals that our fighting men and women risk their lives to defend.”

He added: “No longer will our country be denied the service of thousands of patriotic Americans who are forced to leave the military – regardless of their skills, no matter their bravery or their zeal, no matter their years of exemplary performance – because they happen to be gay. No longer will tens of thousands of Americans in uniform be asked to live a lie, or look over their shoulder in order to serve the country that they love.”

The signing does not immediately implement the repeal but instead begins the process of ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

The law will not actually change until the Pentagon certifies to Congress that the military has met several conditions, including education and training programs for the troops…”



One Response to “The President Signs DADT Repeal”
  1. Joel Vanatta says:

    To the person or persons that can make the right things happen!!!!!!!!!
    This is a very sad thing. We as humans share a great many things. I will start the list with a few. That are high on the list, LOVE,CARING,COMPASION,
    PRIDE and most of all, BEING AMERICAN!!!! I could go on but i think you all get the idea… I do not know alot about the service. But it does not take a genius, to figure out that we should take care or VETERANS.. No matter if they are MALE OR FEMALE… When our Military sends Soldiers of SOUND MIND AND BODY, to fight in a war.. Then those Soldiers return in a totally diffrent frame of MIND AND OR BODY.. Left to fiend for HERSELF is wrong in so many ways.. As a matter of fact it is SICK,SAD AND UNBELIVABLE… My Grandfather was in the Marine Corps.. In WW.2 as a recon soldier… By the time he died he wanted nothing to do with any of it..(THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT!)
    I hope each and everyone of you get what you need and deserve… GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU.. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF HEART…YOU GOTTA KEEP ON PUSHIN.. OVER & OUT.. Joel Vanatta

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