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VA Pilot Programs Expedite Payments to Disabled Veterans

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“The VA has launched two pilot programs to test new procedures that will speed the payment of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) compensation benefits to Veterans with disabilities connected to their military service. These new programs are part of Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki’s effort to “break the back” of the disability claims backlog.

The “Quick Pay” Disability initiative is designed to speed disability compensation to Veterans who provide sufficient evidence at the time of claim submission to decide all or part of their claim. Since program launch, “Quick Pay” has paid more than $2 million in benefits to 1,656 Florida Veterans. These payments averaged $1,236 monthly and were made three months faster than the department’s 125-day goal.

Under the “Express Lane” Pilot program based in the Seattle Regional Office, staff members are realigned to address disability claims based on claim complexity.

Like a supermarket check-out “express lane,” small employee teams focus on rapidly processing numerous less complex claims that typically involve only one disability, thus freeing their co-workers to process the more complex and multiple-disability claims that demand the greatest level of unilateral effort.

The “Express Lane” Pilot, while managed from Seattle, is also being tested at three additional VA regional offices: Nashville, Tenn.; St. Paul, Minn.; and Muskogee, Okla.

The St. Petersburg and Seattle pilots are among more than three dozen VA initiatives exploring optimal ways to organize and deliver benefits and improve service to Veterans.

For additional information on VA’s claims transformation activities, visit Questions about benefits for Veterans may be directed to VA’s toll free benefits number at 1-800-827-1000.”



2 Responses to “VA Pilot Programs Expedite Payments to Disabled Veterans”
  1. J. Kline says:

    Very interesting article. It is a great thing that the government is working on giving our veterans the right treatment they deserve, or least the ones that have made sacrifices and deserve to be compensated now, not tomorrow, not next year… they have needs now, so the help needs to be given to them now.
    Let’s hope that this program quickly extends all throughout the United States. We have disabled veterans living in the Continental Us and even overseas. Let’s treat them right and show them we appreciated have they have done. Thank you for your attention and your cooperation. Have a great day.

  2. Whyrugby says:

    These programs are a farce. I happen to live in an area where these so called “expedient” methods are in place and nearly 40 days after my C & P exam the Regional office has no idea where the results to my exam are. I think it is atrocious that the VA is putting this duct tape fix on a serious problem. If hiring 3000 claims workers did not solve the problem maybe they should hire 6000 and develop a system of accountability for these records…

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