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AWV Needs Your Help!

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Representatives of the ‘Top Ten’ Veterans’ Service Organizations at the White House

Dear Servicewomen, Veterans, Family Members and Supporters,

American Women Veterans (AWV) has a simple mission: to preserve and promote the legacy of women in service and to use its voice on their behalf. On this Veterans’ Day, we ask you to help assist us in this mission.

Over 350,000 servicewomen make up almost 15% of today’s Armed Forces, and over 190,000 women have been deployed in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, with over 120 of our sisters having lost their lives in these conflicts. And the numbers are growing fast; in particular, in the next ten years the number of women veterans is projected to almost double.

Despite this rapid growth, and the history-making expansion of duties for female servicemembers in Iraq and Afghanistan, organizations from the VA to some of those shown in the above picture, are quite evidently struggling to understand and reluctant to put at the forefront of their agendas, the unique needs of female veterans.

AWV, an organization started by women veterans, for women veterans, has already accomplished so much since last Veterans’ Day! We now have over 10,000 members and supporters, and AWV speakers are much in demand for speaking engagements, collaboration with other organizations, and consultations/interviews with mainstream media to include The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, ABC and multiple radio and print media publications such as Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping and the Associated Press.

And, the government is starting to respond. On a regular basis, AWV volunteers are on Capitol Hill, educating and discussing with Members of Congress issues pertaining specifically to women veterans and their families and on July 14, 2009, AWV’s Founder, Genevieve Chase, testified in front of the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Hearings on Women Veterans: Bridging the Gaps in Care. Since our inception, we’ve seen the passing of S. 1963, the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act and the House passing of H. RES. 868; Honoring and recognizing the service and achievements of current and former female members of the Armed Forces.

We’ve also seen a marked increase in interest by other VSOs like the VFW and American Legion, to step up their attention and outreach to women veterans. We’ve been invited and have participated in working groups, conferences and discussion panels, advising organizations that have traditionally not encouraged the membership of women, on how to better appeal to servicewomen and women veterans.

AWV is proud to be the catalyst for these changes and honored to be a continuing part of raising awareness of women in service and the needs of our veterans. It’s amazing how much we’ve been able to achieve! And we’ve done all this on a boot-string – without an office or full time staff, relying on social media networks and volunteers to communicate, organize and work.

The organization is attracting so much attention, and requires the tremendous time and energy of a limited number of volunteers. A need exists to establish simple and sustainable infrastructure (such as an office headquarters). AWV seeks to be able to pay salaries for staff members who now dedicate precious time beyond their full-time jobs while also meeting the demands of families and Reserve/National Guard duties. Any of these endeavors is a full time job.

This is where you, dear fellow veteran and supporter, come in. With our network of over 10,000, we can raise enough funds to take AWV to the next level. This would employ one combat veteran and allow AWV to further leverage the support of our volunteers and interns by having an operations center.

For decades, all of the traditional “Veterans’ Service Organizations” have failed to make women veterans a priority. It is long past time that this organization be at the forefront of ensuring that from this year forward, the contributions, sacrifices and service of all women veterans, will NEVER be ignored, minimized or forgotten.

So this Veterans Day, show your support for our sisters-in-arms and donate just $5. This donation from you and all of our supporters, for a total of $50,000 by December 1, 2010, will ensure that by January 2011, the women veterans’ movement is in NO danger of going anywhere but down (accurately) in history.

Thank you for your time, your support and your contribution.

You can donate by check to:
American Women Veterans
ATTN: V. Irwin
PO Box 23015
Alexandria, VA 22304

Or visit our website to find other ways to donate:


All donations over $5 will receive a free American Women Veterans logo decal! Please provide us with your name and mailing address!

We also invite you to consider purchasing a great Holiday gift from our partner: will donate $5 of the purchase price of the “My Mommy Wears Combat Boots” or “American Made” onsies and toddler tees to AWV!

Your Sister in Service,
Genevieve Chase
US Army Combat Veteran – Afghanistan
Founder and Executive Director
American Women Veterans


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  1. Jay Punt says:


    Beyond contributing financially, what else can I do? How can I be more involved with the AWV.

    Thank you,

    Jay Punt

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