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President Obama’s Message to Veterans on Retroactive Pay Due to ‘Stop Loss’

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“I know there’s been some confusion and skepticism out there,” [President Obama]  said. “Some veterans think this is some sort of gimmick or scam, or that it’s a way for the government to call you back to service. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“As your commander in chief,” Obama continued, “I’m here to tell you that this is no gimmick or trick. You worked hard. You earned this money. It doesn’t matter whether you were active or reserve, whether you’re a veteran who experienced ‘Stop Loss’ or the survivor of a servicemember who did – if your service was extended, you’re eligible.”

“Share this video among your fellow veterans,” the president urged. “Help us get our ‘Stop Loss’ veterans the pay to which they’re entitled. Help us make sure that America is serving our veterans and your families as well as you’ve served us.” (SOURCE)

Let’s get the word out!  Tens of thousands veterans whose service in Iraq or Afghanistan was involuntarily extended or retirement was suspended due to ‘stop loss’ are not applying for retroactive pay to which they are entitled, and the deadline is October 21! Under legislation President Obama signed into law last year, servicemen and women whose service was extended due to ‘stop loss’ are eligible for $500 per month in retroactive pay for each month their service was extended.

If you were affected by stop-loss during your time serving our Nation in the Military or if you know someone that may have, please get them to for more information, or to submit a claim.  Over the past several months, the Department of Defense has been reaching out to service members, veterans and beneficiaries through direct mail, veteran service organizations, and the media.   The deadline is fast approaching and no one should be missed.  President Obama, the Defense Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Congress know you have earned this pay but the initiative to claim what amounts to an average of $3,700 starts with you.

As a team committed to improving the lives of veterans, military families, the wounded, and families of the fallen, we are intensifying our efforts to remind all who meet eligibility requirements to submit a claim for the benefit available to them.  Today, President Obama’s video address will be distributed across America to leave no stone unturned and no service member or their family unaware.” (SOURCE)

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