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My Army Love Story

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There are so many things that pop into my head when I think of the Army; the hated 6 o’clock in the (freezing) morning runs, the relentless Power Point style of teaching, and the frustrations of working your ass off so a prick with more brass on their chest can have their day be a little easier. These are the things that every soldier regardless of sex, age, rank, ethnicity, or any other “group” you want to add to that list, experience. However, the life of a woman in the Army is one that is different from all the rest. I could sit here and talk about my experience with sexism, machismos, politics, and a long list of crap that make an army girl prove to herself and everyone around, both men and women, that she belongs there, that she is strong, intelligent and if it came down to it could bust a cap in your ass. My time in the Army is a love story.

I joined the Army at 18 years old, fresh out of high school and madly in love with my boyfriend. After one year in the Army and one year apart from him, we ran off and got married in Vegas. In my short 5-year stint in the Army I was never able to be with him. We spent five years, thousands of dollars in phone calls, and a truckload of paper work trying to be together. It never worked out. We’re still married and I’m still madly in love and I think partly due to the Army. When I joined, I was a girl unsure of herself and unaware of what she wanted. Throughout those years in the Army my relationship, along with my husband and I, went through depression, insecurities, doubt, and anger. Along with that came jokes, happiness, gratitude, appreciation and some of the best phone sex I’ve ever had.

Being in the Army forced me to be stronger, smarter, and more sure of myself. I was made to appreciate where I came from and who I am. I figured out the type of woman I am and want to be. I learned to love and appreciate myself not only for my person but even my body. In the Army, people who came from everywhere and every background surrounded me. With this came not only a cultural difference but a difference in what people value in the their own life. I realized that many people do not value or respect a marriage as much as I do. Lies and betrayal are everywhere especially in the military. I understand that relationships broke mostly because of all the time spent apart on top of the pressure and the loneliness you feel even when surrounded by hundreds of people. I asked my husband once;

“Why is it that so many couples in the Army don’t make it but we do?” It didn’t seem possible to me that we could be so lucky, that we could be that couple that survived what so many couldn’t.

He answered: “Because we want it more.”

I love him more knowing everything he did for us and the man he has become for our family and he loves me more for the woman that I became.

With the Army came bullshit. That “shit” affected my relationship and me. It taught me to truly love. I fought for myself. I fought for the love of my life. Now I am a stronger person.



2 Responses to “My Army Love Story”
  1. mia peterson says:

    I LOVE you story and I’m glad you posted it. I meet my husband in the Army when were both E-nothings. We never lived in the same house much less the same state until we had been married for an year and four months and I had gotten out of the Army.People thought we were crazy for staying together even though we rarely saw each other. But it made our relationship stronger and 8 years later we are more in love than ever before.

  2. Susan Cannon says:

    My husband and I met in 1979, in Morse Code school at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. I was fresh out of Basic Training at Fort Dix. On February 6th, we will celebrate our 30th anniversary. I think there is a determination that comes with having served in the military; we don’t let go. Congratulations on finding yourself and the love of your life.

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