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Jack of All Trades – Master of None?

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It seems to me that many people  (at least by the time they’re 30) have a relatively clear path that their lives are on. Now,  I know that there are people that choose to change careers or go different directions at some point in their lives, but these decisions are usually made with a good deal of thought and with a clear plan of action and on some level still reflective of their previous hobbies or ambitions.   What’s a girl to do when she comes from an immensely diverse background, varied interests, and has no idea how to choose what direction to move in?

Since my childhood, I have been exposed to many different things. I played two instrument in high school, lettered in two sports (though I did go to a small high school so take it for what it’s worth), was involved in politics, performed in plays and orchestras, was actively involved in my church at the time and considered myself to be relatively well rounded.  I completed a full year of college, worked in the health/fitness industry with a special focus on aquatics, and eventually joined the Army when I was 21. Upon joining the Army, I was trained in explosives as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician, and did a one year deployment to Afghanistan. It was this deployment that developed my interest in women’s issues, and dealing with my own personal victimizations further solidified my that passion with a special focus on abuse issues. I got out of the Army and became a contract instructor teaching explosives related material to combat engineers. During all this, I continued to work toward completing my bachelor’s degree with multiple major changes included athletic training, public administration, sociology, culminating (finally) in a psychology degree.

So what does athletics, psychology, explosives, women’s issues, and instructing all have in common? I’m sure we could make some links between a few of them but frankly not a whole lot in the scheme of things other than the fact that I have excelled at everything I have chosen to do. Sure psychology and women’s studies share some similarities. Instructing can be done at almost any level and in any field. But what do I want to work towards? Should I pursue something I already have some experience in, should I pick another direction or combine some of the interests I already have?

Even the most driven people can stall out from time to time. If things happen for a reason, then maybe there are lessons to be learned from such a stall as I am currently experiencing. Maybe I need to learn to chill out and not be so hard on myself. Maybe I need to stop and smell the roses on the side of the road. Or maybe I need to bust my ass, get my car fixed and get back on the road but perhaps in a different direction. Who knows? There are probably 20 different things that I could over think and analyze during this down time. I could kick my car and cuss it out. I could wonder if the stall out is actually my guardian angel stopping me for a bit so that I miss something even worse farther down the road. I could sit next to it and cry. Or once again, I could bust my ass, get it fixed and get back to it. But even with all of this, there are too many options. Too many things to think about even with something as relatively simple, albeit annoying, as a stall out.

My life seems to be a collage of too many different things. What I think I want today will be something completely different tomorrow. Even when I narrow down some options, there are still 100 more. Am I the only one that feels like they’re going in circles with absolutely no direction at all? Usually I’m the one giving advice or at least being the listening ear with a word of encouragement. It would be great if I could figure out how to use my head knowledge and apply it to my own life at this point.

If I know anything at all, I know that life is constantly changing. And I will continue to change with it. Seems I’m good with change if nothing else at the moment. And until I find my way I will continue to be a jack of all trades. There’s something to be said for being well-rounded. At least that’s what I tell myself these days…


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