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Former WASP To Receive Highest Civilian Honor

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“A Billings World War II aviator will receive the highest civilian honor for her military service, eight years after her death.
Marjorie Logan Rolle was a women air force service pilot, or WASP. She passed away in 2002, but Tuesday her husband will receive the congressional gold medal on her behalf.
The ceremony will be Tuesday morning at 10:30 at the Billings Logan International Airport, which is named after Marjorie’s father Dick Logan. The airport is the site of the family’s homestead.
“These women went out there and flew airplanes, trained and did the same things everyone else did in the air force, now we have the opportunity to honor them with the Congressional Medal of Honor,” said Senator Jon Tester.
About 1,100 civilian female pilots were recruited by the air force in 1942. They performed domestic duties like testing newly developed aircraft. In March, about 300 surviving WASPs were honored for their service, but Logan Rolle’s family was unable to attend.” (SOURCE)

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